At INQUEST-CIS our Background Investigations will be customized and adjusted to conform to the clients areas of concern, reasons for finding out more, and the clients overall needs. Whether our client is considering hiring a new employee, or are about to make a new investment, a INQUEST-CIS background check can ensure the safety of everyone involved.

What is a INQUEST-CIS background check ?

A INQUEST-CIS background check is an investigation into a individual’s professional and personal history that validates or disproves their character and identity.

A typical background check includes criminal records, education and employment history, civil records, references, and more depending on the situation and individual.

Our INQUEST-CIS Investigators will not engage or participate in any illegal or immoral activities to satisfy a clients need or want for Background Information.

  • We will not obtain any information illegally.

  • We will not trespass on anyone's property.

  • We will not hack into anyone's phone or bank records.

  • We will not engage in wiretapping or bugging.

  • We will not disperse information that cannot be properly verified.

SLED License # 3101

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