Adultery & Infidelity Investigations

It is challenging and extremely difficult when you are suspicious of your spouse and assume that he or she is cheating.  Our professional and compassionate investigators can help you uncover the truth.  All investigations are inconspicuous and confidential.  We will employ all investigations with privacy as we search for the truth. Contact INQUEST-CIS Investigation Service for a quote. Office # 803-828-3536 or email us at


Many aspects of divorce depend on the discovery of admissible and convincing evidence.  Our professional investigators at INQUEST-CIS will use video and photographic documentation as evidence with date and time stamps for authentication.  We will present evidence obtained by professional and licensed investigators.  The courts recognize the presentation of evidence that is objectively obtained more favorable than testimony presented from a subjective origin. This substantiates non biased evidence that can be presented to the courts.